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Rent for weeks, months or weekends.

Prices per accommodation:

2 nights
3 nights 4 nights 5 nights 6 nights 7 nights
Avenc (price for 8) 368€ 520€ 672€ 824€ 976€ 1022€
Ancosa (price for 5) 218€
Cuitora (price for 4) 210€
438€ 514€ 537€

L'Avenc cottage, 8 people + 2 sofa bed = 10 people (110mē): it is the one with the highest capacity. Modern construction, has a large dining room. Also dishwasher and central heating. The sofa bed is in the dining room and it is 140cm wide.

Cuitora cottage, 4 people + 2 sofa bed = 6 people (45mē): recently remodeled by Vora Arquitectura team, this is our most elegant home that connects the centenary stone wall with our times. It has dishwasher and biomass central heating.

Ancosa cottage, 5 people + 2 sofa bed = 7 people (50mē): it is our simplest house and it is not as spacious as the others. Ancient and traditional stone wall construction. It has a fireplace and warm air biomass heating. It also has a dishwasher. The sofa bed is in the dining room and it is 120cm wide.

Sheets and towels included.

For summer, Christmas, New Year, Easter holidays and long weekends ask for prices.

For weekend early booking we request 30%
per apartment that will be deducted from the final price.
At arrival a deposit of € 150 / apartment
is requested which is returned at the end if it is full right.
The cottages must be returned in similar order and cleaning condition as delivered.

Cal Riba Rural Tourism Accommodation / Carrer Plana d'Ancosa, 3 - 08779 - Torrebusqueta - La Llacuna - Barcelona / Tel. +34 605 568 168
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